Health and Safety

First on the list because it is our first priority – Many companies say it but do they follow through?

From the start our team receive a health and safety induction, and are briefed on our health and safety plans. We are also updating our training to further improve access to company JSA’s and WMS, reviewing our MSDS and bring a higher percentage our our team in on our frequent Health and Safety meetings. SSSPs are available by request for applicable sites. For your peace of mind our staff receive Ministry of Justice security checks, and our equipment is regularly checked for safe operation – the only non cleaning service we provide is Portable Appliance Testing (test and tag) so we know what to look out for!

We are working on improving our Prequal health and safety prequalification, and are looking into our options and requirements around SiteSafe. We aren’t health and safety experts, and it’s what you don’t know that will catch you out. As such we are investing considerable time and money into ensuring our staff stay safe and compliant.

Have a chat with your cleaners – if they don’t even know what these acronyms mean, why not have a chat with us instead?


Priced to Perform

This industry is in a race to the bottom – and we aren’t even going to play.

Potential clients have loved our experience, dedication and business profile, but requested we price match their incumbent cleaners – even down to $0.75 above minimum wage – who are simply not preforming (this was also before the $0.50 minimum wage increase). Pay minimum, get a minimum job or in many cases, not even that. Throughout many of our site visits the on site contact refused to walk through their bathrooms due to their state – they are looking for new cleaners for a reason.

In our experience a good percentage of poor-preforming companies have short quoted to get the work, and then not had the budget to preform. We will be honest and upfront about expected costings, and work with you to deliver professional cleaning services at a reasonable price that allow us to, quite simply, do what you pay us for



Cleaning often operates in the background and unnoticed – until it isn’t done.

At 21st Century Cleaning we believe in cross training staff across sites, and multi level redundancy. Nearly of our sites have roughly twice the number of trained and experienced staff ready, than those actually doing the cleaning that day. All of our staff, from the newest cleaner up to the company Director, including the admin teams, are capable and willing to chuck on a pair of gloves and join our cleaning team, should the need ever arise. Our first ever site was cleaned by the now Director and Divisional Manager, and we haven’t forgotten where we started.


Front Line Focused

Our focus in on support to our front line staff; those who deliver our cleaning services. With us you won’t find sales reps, dividends to major shareholders, or investment to any services that don’t support our core function of cleaning – Commercial cleaning, Carpet cleaning, low level water blasting and consumables provision for when we clean bathrooms. Every company vehicle from Director down carries a set of cleaning equipment and the only non cleaning service we provide (Portable Appliance testing – Test and tag) is an investment in our Health and Safety.

We are also investing in a roll out of NZQA 2316 – NZ Certificate in cleaning – for our staff.


Non Franchise

At 21st Century Cleaning we believe in deloading our teams, not making their job as hard as possible, and the franchise system is incompatible with this.

Would you make your office workers buy their own desks and computers, and use their own internet. Ask how much your Subway workers would put on your sub if they personally had to pay for the toppings?

Would you trust your retail workers to develop and follow their own health and safety plans, in their own time?

Would you make your call center staff buy their own access to the building at a few thousand dollars, and say it’s O.K because we can help you with finance!!

Our teams have one job – provide an effective and efficient cleaning service. No paying back a loan you had to take to buy their job, no paying for a car and fuel so they can get between each site, no buying extra work when things get a little tight. They don’t have to worry about invoicing for each job they do, or using as little cleaning product as they can so they make a profit – it is all paid for. This means that our teams can focus on their one job, without stress and penny pinching so they have enough to survive. Don’t believe me? Jump on Trade Me and see how many cleaning companies for sale are Franchised!

A non Franchise structure also allows for much tighter control of our teams. With us you won’t find a staff member’s brother’s friend that wanted a few hours work. All our staff are contractually employed, inducted and trained so you know you are paying for a commercial quality, safe and experienced cleaner.


Monthly Invoicing

For our ongoing commercial clients we like to keep it simple. Invoiced 30th, due 20th. Easy, simple, to the point. Direct debit options available.

Want a further discount? Email and ask about our pay in advance discount.

Our commercial contracts and cleaning schedules are simple to understand and straight to the point. They have been designed with our staff in mind and don’t require a lawyer to understand, meaning we all start off on the same page.

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