Light industrial covers specialised cleaning that requires specialised equipment.
For us, this includes water-blasting and floor maintenance.


Water-blasting uses high pressure water (up to 3000 psi) and chemical for more indepth cleaning. We use this for cleaning shipping containers, loading docks, rubbish disposal areas and general concrete floors. We use different chemicals for different tasks, ranging from degreaser and disinfectant, to biodegradable, food safe cleaners. We have three different water-blasters available for different clients and tasks

  • Electrical. This will require a power and hose connection and is set at 2000psi. It can be used indoors and is our quietest water-blaster, producing no hazardous fumes.
  • Diesel electrical. This requires a power and hose connection. The water-blaster is electrical powered and has an in build diesel boiler which can heat the water to 90 degrees, and is set at 1800psi.
  • Petrol. This only requires a hose connection and as such can be used in a number of different locations. However, it is our loudest water-blaster and can only be used outside. It is set at 3000 psi.
    For health and safety reasons we can only operate below 2m in height. Both the diesel electric and petrol water-blasters will require two staff on site.

For ongoing, scheduled water-blasting we will need to develop a health and safety plan specific to your site. There is no charge, however this will take some time to develop. The sooner you can contact us, the better.

Floor Maintenance

Floor maintenance covers three basic tasks, Scrubbing, strip and polish and buffing. All tasks use the same basic mechanics, with different pads and techniques used. Our job sizes range from small retail stores done over a few hours up to large factories and storage areas with multi day and multi team work. We have different machines that we can use, ranging from hand held scrubbers, to walk behinds and ride on scrubbers.

  • Buffing. This is the most basic task, normally done directly after having your floor cleaned and dry. This brings up the polish currently on your floor and removes the thin layer of dry water used to clean. It is recommended this is done at least weekly.
  • Scrubbing This removes the build up of general dirt and grime on your floors, and is done as a general cleaning task. We can use different chemicals based on the task and area you require scrubbed.
  • Strip and Polishing. This involves applying a polish stripper to your floor, scrubbing off the old polish, rinsing your floor (normally done three times) and re applying a number of coats of polish. This requires a large amount of time to dry and as such is normally done overnight or during a shutdown (christmas, long weekend). Should someone walk over the floor at the wrong time, we will need to start over at your cost.