Do you like New Zealand’s clean, green image?

Let us help you keep it that way.

Our standard working processes already have a number of environmentally friendly initiatives, including biodegradable rubbish bags in over 75% of cases and reducing our business waste while increasing recycling. Our microfibre cloths reduce water and detergent waste both on site and when being cleaned, while providing a more professional clean. We have even purchased different vehicles that save over 50L of fuel a week EACH.

By request we are able to provide an even more environmentally friendly cleaning service to your office or other commercial building, at the same cost as our regular cleaning services!

In order to do so we use the Green Earth range of cleaning chemicals, where practical, while also using biodegradable bags nearly 100% of the time. All our chemicals are purchased in bulk concentrate, meaning we only need to recycle one bottle every 55L instead of every 750ml like some other companies. As we grow and add more eco clients to our lists, this reduces even further to one bottle every 300L!!! For comparison, between the 4 standard cleaning chemicals we use, that is similar waste than the lid from your takeaway coffee cup each day!!!

Services We Offer

  • Green Earth cleaning range
  • Biodegradable rubbish bags
  • Eco practices
  • Same price as our standard cleaning