Carpet cleaning removes the build up of dirt, grease and odours that a carpet acculumates over time. Our equipment uses the extraction method where hot water and detergent is injected into the carpet at high pressure then extracted out via a powerful wet vac. All our carpet cleaning services include prespray, deodorise and an attempt at stain removal as standard, for no extra charge.

We use the same equipment to clean upholstery, however we use lower settings to avoid damage. We are only able to clean fabric upholstery (no leather or water sensitive fabric), and can provide fabric protection by request, for an additional charge. If you are considering having your upholstery cleaned, we advise you first see if you can remove the covers from the cushions and place the covers in the washing machine. This is a considerably cheaper option that many people don’t consider.


Residential jobs cover the bulk of our clients. We advise you have your carpets cleaned once every few years, more often if you have pets or small children. We will normally book you in mid morning and leave a few secure windows open to allow your carpets time to dry before you get home. You are also able to be on site while we work, however the equipment is quite loud and your sealed floors may become slippery.


Our carpet cleaning services allow you to present a clean, professional image to your staff an clients. Our commercial clients normally receive carpet cleaning once a year, normally done over the Christmas holidays. We are also able to provide our services during the year working weekends and outside of normal business hours. We are capable of having five machines working on a site at a time.

Flood recovery

Our equipment can be used in flood recovery at short notice, based on how busy we are. This covers carpet extraction and deodorise, and we can provide industrial blowers to dry your carpet in record time, for and additional charge.

Stain Removal and Deodorise

All our services include deodorise and an attempt at stain removal for no additional charge. We will attempt all stains, however there is not guarantee we will be able to remove them. We have different spotters for different stains so we will ask if you know how they were made. Difficult stains include orange drinks, rust and coloured alcohol.